A New Year’s Promise, a new year goal

I have wanted to create a website about food for years. My friends have asked me, pushed me, threatened me but, always the bachelor, my instinct is to avoid getting tied down.

This week my friend, Sen, posted a Facebook challenge to create something new each week, which I’ve taken as a opprotunity to start a blog about food and perhaps my life here in Japan.

I’ll explain in an upcoming post, but my goal this year is to balance my Quiche Epiphany with my fitness goals. To do that I’ll be reimagining, reformulating, making and remaking my favourite foods. This is a space to think aloud and, hopefully, think with likeminded people.

To give you a sense of what I do:

On my veranda are three large storage units in which I keep my Chinese, Indian, and oversized cookware along with the homemade foods I’ve preserved or fermented like kimchee, Japanese pickles, green tomatoes, brined eggs, meat pies, root beer, ginger ale, kombucya. My pantry is stocked with molecular gastronomic whatnots, south American this, European thats, and African I-don’t-know-whats. In the back of my closets I keep pounds and kilos of various beans, grains, flours, sugars; and scattered here and there are more than 150 herbs and spices. 

In short, I love playing in the kitchen. If you do too, let’s be friends.

My goal is (at least) one blog post a week and one new friend.




7 Comments on “A New Year’s Promise, a new year goal

  1. As one of the worst cooks, but a lover of food, I look forward to watching your site develope and share. I hope I don’t drool too much. Haha. I can’t wait for more!


  2. Hi Steven! I’m meg! I guess my new/creative thing for this week is to start following your blog. The pressure is officially on!
    What’s the quiche epiphany?
    Thoughts on making cakes and things in microwaves?
    These are the issues I’m bring to you!
    Enjoy blogging!


    • Hi Meg!

      I explained the Quiche Epiphany as part of todays assignment.

      Microwaves are awesome tools. Here in Japan, where space is small, the oven and microwave are one large unit. (I keep mine on top of the refrigerator because I’m tall and it keeps people from getting too familiar with my kitchen) 😉

      Henri This created the worlds first microwave cake in a cup. I’m sure you’ve seen variations of his method on YouTube, or around here.

      Thanks for following, Meg!


  3. WOOHOO!!!

    Welcome to the Food Blogosphere (finally)!!! This is gonna be awesome, I just know. I am SOO looking forward to seeing your stuff and the process pics – if you go that route.


    • Senpai! This IS going to be fun. I’m not sure which route I’m going to take — me and cameras. But there will definitely be recipes.


  4. Thanks for the like and comment on my blog. Look forward to reading more on yours – especially about fermenting/preserving – we’re looking at starting to home brew in the near future and have no idea where to begin. Cheers!


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