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The Quiche Epiphany

Today’s assignment is to describe the genesis of our blogs, so I need to tell you about my Quiche Epiphany.

For very specific reasons I was cooking for myself in grade school. When I was about fourteen my father had a quadruple bypass. That visible impact of diet on health concurred with my health classes and long story short, I became a vegetarian and stayed so until about twenty.

Being raised in Los Angeles health food was always a visible part of many lifestyles around me and felt, at the time, more sophisticated. So the transition from vegetarian was to Fusion, Macrobiotic, Organic, or healthfully altered versions of pretty much anything you can think of with propaganda to read on the side.

Eating meat opened up new menus and happened to coincided with the new washboard male vanity. Obsessive muscle training and diet transformed me. I studied recipes as formulas, learned how to substitute, and experimented, experimented, experimented plateauing at six percent body fat. I could have given up food for shakes, but I reasoned that I needed to go back to my recipes source — and so I discovered Escoffier; and to understand him I used Julia Child as a bridge.

“Julia is my lord and savour, my mother goddess, my divinity!”

You see, I was trying to make fat-free, low to no carb quiche but every variation was a failure. With Mastering The Art of French Cooking under thumb I made Julia’s quiche to see how the recipe should behave. One slice. One thin sliver of quiche made with cream and bacon and my life changed: I had not eaten an egg yolk since I was fourteen and had never had cream to my memory, nor crust made from real butter. I remember the flavours spreading from my palette into my mind and so came the epiphany:

My approach to food was wrong.



That day everything about how I approached food changed — as did my body. My fat ratio climbed steadily to and past 15%. My weight and body shape have increased every year since and now it’s no longer for the better.

In my first post I said I wanted to balance my Quiche Epiphany. And so my reason for starting this blog; the reason why after so many years of people telling me to become a food blogger that I joined WordPress; the reason I’m writing this post today is to tell you there is an equilibrium between real food and healthy food and that I’m going to work it out in this space.

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