sauerkraut and yakitori

Kraut and Yakitori, a winning combination

sauerkraut and yakitori

sauerkraut and yakitori

After four months of silently bubbling I opened a new jar of Sauerkraut today. Crisp. Fresh. Sweet in the background, sour notes up front. I had a feeling the kraut would be like white wine cleaning the pallet between bites, so I sliced then skewered a chicken breast and put the yakitori in the broiler. I made a quick sauce to baste them just before finishing. I had boiled daikon to go with it (not the best choice, a green salad would have been better).

7 Comments on “Kraut and Yakitori, a winning combination

  1. Hello! I must say that I truly enjoy your blog. The food is perhaps beyond my talents, but I appreciate the care with which you write out the directions. I know how much work is involved to take good shots. It’s not point and click! If I may inquire, how do you make your sauerkraut?


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