Love and tip your Indian Chef!

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11 Comments on “Love and tip your Indian Chef!

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  2. I love all my chefs who make me delicious food. Now I feel a lot better about my naan failures in my sad little conventional ovens. Great post!


  3. Oh yes indeed! Near me I have several authentic Indian cafes ( as opposed to Australian-ised Indian food restaurants that all have the same menu). I love these chefs for bringing us the real food of Sth India — and Mumbai street food. yum. Brings back many memories.


    • Awesome.

      Is the food changed much where you are? It’s natural for a chef to adapt the flavours to fit the region. Here, for example, you’ll never smell asafoetida and there’s next to no garlic and ginger as Japanese are really sensitive to strong smells and tastes.


      • Ah yes, I can understand that. just as in India itself, Chinese food is very popular, but it is very Indian-ised and not at all like traditional Chinese food. A bit like what we got here till the 1990s when mor traditional Chinese and SE Asian food began to appear.

        Indian food in Australia is still generally generic without the wonderful variety of cuisines and foods found in India. But it is beginning to change.


  4. I’ve gotta tell you Steven: I love your blog! And this from someone who equates brewing coffee with cooking. Your blend of simplicity and sophistication is wonderful, as is your photography. All your effort pays off. I’ve just shared this with a friend from the non-blogging world. Why don’t you experiment with a short video introduction, and maybe a few clips showing technique? I predict you’d have a tv cooking show in 5… 4… 3… 2…


    • Thank you, very much.

      One day I might try video. Right now I’m still getting used to taking pictures — it really is a first for me.


  5. Oh my goodness! Watch your fingers there! That’s HOT! We love the Indian chefs, we love them for the wonderful effort that goes into the food.


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