Play with your food! Spinach curry as strudel

You’ll soon see that I’m in strudel mode. But why not blend food traditions and put Palak Paneer (Spinach Curry with Paneer) inside strudel dough? I made five different curried versions, variations on colors and flavors. They are really delicious.

(Can anyone tell me why my iPhone 5S takes better photos than my Nikon S9300?)


Apple strudel, get it?



Knowing that these would be served cold, it was important to over-spice and over-salt the dish. If I were serving them hot, I would have kept the spices at a normal level. 


the crust is very flakey. It softened after a day, but the exterior is still crisp. You can better see the layers here.

8 Comments on “Play with your food! Spinach curry as strudel

  1. Mmmmmmmmmm! Your creation is like the love child of palak paneer and spanakopita. And I hope this isn’t a heresy – but for your other kitchen-challenged fans in the States, Trader Joe’s has a very good palak paneer in their freezer section.


  2. I love a good crust. It looks fabulous. That’s funny how a cell phone could take better pics than an actual camera. Tho I have a different cell phone and my Nikon takes much better pics than my cell.


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