Fiesta Friday — food and cameras

Friday is in the future for most of you, but here, across the International Date Line, Friday is at an end and the party begins shortly.

Japanese microbrewery

Japanese pork and the various stages of rolling before being skewered and grilled.

I finished my work day at noon and went out for errands and entertainment in Ginza — today’s agenda involves Nikon and meat: I bought a new camera (Nikon D7100) and I picked up some pork and beef.
I’ve been doing a lot of test cooking this month, so friends are crowding around my kotatsu tonight to scrutinize my baumkuchen, popcorn (white) chocolate, baklava, stuffed breasts and little pork ‘n beef roll ups (pictured). To loosen their lips, I need to liquor them up –  sober, Japanese people are restrained. Add alcohol and, well, did you read about Tofu Steak? (So we’re only having beer — and I’m pacing it.)

japanese beer

Japanese microbrewery beer

Last month tokyo dome held a regional food show where I found this craft beer from Saitama. Its full, dry, pleasingly bitter. I ordered a case. These are on the menu for tonight.

So, how do you spend your Fridays?

(note: This page is shared over at The Novice Gardner. You should go check him out.)

17 Comments on “Fiesta Friday — food and cameras

  1. I like the way you just casually dropped in the fact that you bought yourself a new camera! [grin] WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE OLD ONE/S? Absolutely nothing, far as this old fart can see: your photos have always been super, Steven! 🙂


    • Aw, you’re awesome.

      I want to better. I want to improve. I want to pull out the details in what I’m making and my point and shoot and iPhone can only take me so far.

      I’m looking foreword to learning photography this year. 🙂


      • Oh, you’ll LOVE it! Anyone with a mind like yours is going to take to all those technical details like a duck to water … because your brain will be full of ideas about how you can use it for your delectable blog. 😀


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