Orange days — Orange Tart and Candied Oranges

orange tart

orange tart

I enjoy making candy, all kinds of candy. But I’ve been eating more and exercising less — soon I’ll be making a change, but for now instead of making my favorite Candied Oranges Dipped in Chocolate, I made an Orange Tart. (I also made Melon Granita and Chocolate Mousse, but if I don’t write about them, they don’t count.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was just a test. I zested the oranges and boiled them in a sugar syrup to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, cooled them with white rum and laid them in a sweet tart shell with a dribble of the syrup. In the above photo the color is less vibrant than the actual tart (closer to this pic).

It was good, taking much less time that then the  week needed to candy oranges. The whole process from tart shell to decorating was under an hour.

Note: I should have used my mandolin to cut the oranges into perfect slices. Also, I should have cut the orange slices into 1/16th segments after they came out of the syrup to make eating the tart easier.

Candied Orange Peels in Chocolate

Candied Orange Peels in Chocolate

7 Comments on “Orange days — Orange Tart and Candied Oranges

  1. Something that always takes me aback when reading chefs talking about what they’ve just made is that they have LIMITLESS LARDERS! [grin] The problem for the ordinary cook is that we so often need to go out shopping for ingredients when attempting to reproduce some yummy thing. With me, f’rinstance, there are no supplies of delicious alcoholic beverages – and that’s just for starters. Sighh … But my comment is not meant as a criticism, merely an observation, Steven, I promise!


    • Wait a sec, without going back to check, you’re in Oz, aren’t you? No booze in a household in Oz? Very un-Ozzy!

      My larder — Wow, M.R. — space here in Japan is l i m m i t e d, but I have enough food for the Zombie Apocalypse. During the earthquake a few years back, the shops were closed for a week and for about two months the shelves were pretty much empty. No worries here. From dehydrated milk and eggs (for baking), about 20 varieties of flour, and butter up to my thighs to pulses, beans, and frozen meats mine was a happy, well-fed household.


      You should stock up.


      • Me old mate, you would be appalled to learn of my environmental circ.s. My husband was the cook, and one untaught (ever!) by anyone, but a complete natural. And talk about successful! He didn’t cook like you do, making detailed and wonderful dishes; but as he was cooking for his big fat wife who loved him and who ADORED everything he made, he could still experiment a bit. Now that he’s gone, it’s just me. Quite literally. If you ever get to read the book, all will be made clear. And you’ll understand why the only grog in the flat is the white wine I make a spritzer or two of each evening.


      • First, don’t call yourself fat. That carries with it a whole lot of negative baggage. Now I don’t know your weight or size, but there is nothing wrong with being large. If you were unhappy with anything about you, be proactive instead of self-depreciating.

        (High school teacher me chiming in, or ranting, your choice.)

        I just read the preview available for you book. It looks to be a good read. I enjoy readings that take me to a different local, and the Australian film industry would be new to me. The few pages I could read showed a crosscutting of script and prose writing, which I like. I went to Amazon, but the Kindle is not available in the Japanese store. I’ll do some looking around when I get back.

        The pic of you on the cover is fantastic. I’m very sorry to read that you lost your friend and husband. Take heart in knowing that the love you had — and have — is something many never get to experience.

        Peace be with you.


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