The texture of life: rice, spice, coffee

A grain of rice

A grain of short  grain rice

(I neither cropped, nor augmented these pics. These are all hand held shots.)

I’ve been teaching myself macro photography and these are from my first shoot. I enjoy taking pictures of food to a point, but macro is satisfying. It might not appear so, but it took a few hours to take these shots. Like cooking, it’s a process and I really enjoyed working it out.

fennel and mustard

A fennel seed next to a mustard seed on a candied orange peel. The bubbles in the orange are it’s pores.


Sometimes going small isn’t as interesting as the two textures or colors together. This is a single grain of mustard on a candied orange peel.


I can get this close before I lose focus. To me it’s less interesting than the previous picture. One day I want to get into the surface of the mustard seed.

I was really curious to see the texture in a mustard seed, or nutmeg, fenugreek, cinnamon, cardamon. It was like traveling to another planet and when I work out how to get in closer that’s how I plan to approach it.

fennel and coriander

The shape of a single seed of coriander.


Fennel all lit up

star anaise pod

The side of star anise

The colors and shadows were interesting, too. To get better at macro I’ll need to learn how to layer the focal planes.


Remember my first post on photography, Nikon Bong? Well, this is how much further I’ve come along.

coffee 2

The ripple was hard to do. But you need water to make coffee, right?

coffee 3

If I edit this, I’ll crop it to put it in the center.

Watch this space. I will get into my rhythm. 🙂

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