In addition to candying oranges, I’ve candied pineapple, pumpkin, and apples this week. I put the extra bits, or uneaten bites in the dehydrator. These are dehydrated pineapple slices which after went into the Vitamix with white sugar for Powdered Pineapple Sugar. Now what could I have done with that?

10 Comments on “Pineapple

    • On, that’s lovely. I just went over and checked it out. I’ll bet your real face is even more lovely. 🙂

      Do you eat them as a flower, or use them just as decoration?

      Pineapples are inexpensive when they’re in season here. After dehydrating I cut them up and add them to granola, rehdrate them in something and add them to cakes and puddings, and on rare occasions add them to meat dishes, like a pineapple chicken.

      I love dehydrating stuff. Dp you use it much?


      • Thank you, Cteavin! The pineapple flowers were used as edible decorations. I definitely ate them and they were delicious! I don’t use my dehydrator all that much, sadly.

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