Baby steps

These photographs were taken a couple of months apart. When I look at them I feel that I’m moving foreword (in photography) and it feels good. I know I have a long way to go, but starting this blog and purchasing a camera were two very good decisions. Giving up is easy, but if you start with tinny tiny baby steps, you’ll still be moving foreword. Think of all the people who are doing just that whenever you want to give up on yourself, on an challenge, on a goal.

I also want to thank everyone for the kind words and suggestions I’ve been receiving through email, Twitter, Facebook, and in the comments.

The recipe for this will be up shortly.

Savory Pie shot with new camera last week

Savory Pie shot with new camera last week

Savory Pie taken with the old camera

Savory Pie taken with the old camera

9 Comments on “Baby steps

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  2. Shooting natural light is by far the best light you can ever use Window light is fantastic especially if a lot of light comes in it. Get you a reflector a large round one to use for fill light there not very expensive and they work very well. I prefer the ones that have several in the set like the white, silver and gold because the color of the reflector can change the look of the image. Especially in something like food photography and even portraits.


    • Thanks for the tips.

      I haven’t purchased a flash unit, yet. I’ve been using a tripod and slow shutter speeds because I don’t get much light. Reflectors would be a good addition to my kit.


    • Thanks. Much appreciate.
      And your quilts are amazing.
      I like your comment about women having a history of their own revealed through quilting.


  3. Photography is a matter of understanding light. I always tell everyone the more you practice the better you will get. I have been shooting pictures for years and I still learn new stuff everyday. Never give up determination will get you far. Good job on your pictures.

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    • Thank you for the encouragement.

      I’m really enjoying photography. I’m looking to purchase a flash soon. I want to get more comfortable with ambient light first, a real learning curve. 😉


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