Weekly Photo Challenge: Thresholds

Thresholds divide. They separate you from me. We use thresholds to keep our pleasures distinct, or fix our identity. Here in Japan it is hanami season, when the cherry trees bloom everyone gets together in small, or very large, groups under the flowering sakura trees to drink and eat and talk and laugh. I took these photographs in the Aoyama Cemetery. People do come here for hanami, but far fewer. The trees bloom there one week and nestled here and there between the graves are small groups of people drunk with their friends. Take in this juxtaposition and consider this: There are no thresholds. There are only ever arbitrary barriers we put up to make ourselves feel better.


threshold sakura tombstone

Life is flow from man to dust to tree to bird and on and on. But we chose to make thresholds. Sakura with tombstones in the background.


Thresholds are the space where two cultures meet, or where the present meets the past.


Thresholds are measures of time, like birthdays and mile stones, a straight path to the same destination.

. . . . names. . . .


threshold_150threshold_159 threshold_158


Instead of paying attention to the flux around us we distract ourselves with our toys, our responsibilities. Glancing up, we perceive ebb as distinct from flow and then make special days or plans to appreciate them.

15 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Thresholds

  1. STEVEN !!!
    The focus !
    The bokeh !
    The … BEAUTY !!!
    By all the gods, it seems as if this is what you were meant to do.
    X !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, thank you. (blush, blush) 🙂

      I really do enjoy doing it. BTW, do you have any suggestions on readings for new photographers? I’m in the market for some technical books on composition and lighting.


      • Heavens, no ! – I am a mere enjoyer of it, and know NOZZINK ! Do you really need this kind of input? – you seem to be doing awful good without it …


      • That’s kind of you to say, but I’m going on instinct and luck, that will only take me so far. I’m interested in the theory and mechanics so I can improve.

        I’ve only read one beginner books, which taught me what the basic functions do and rudimentary exposure theory and the manual. I need something to each me about lighting an flash (I’ve purchased one, but I haven’t use it, yet.)


      • Use it then. And then, if it doesn’t suffice, look for other stuff. Sighh … [grin]


  2. Very nice photography Cteavin and also glad to know about the “Hanami” in Japan……The flowers are really beautiful……..


    • Thanks, Jayeeta.
      The sudden transformation is astounding. Literally two weeks ago every tree was bear, then the bloom. The past couple of days the leaves have been unfurling and the world is green and humid.


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