Sky Tree, another view

Same day as the previous post, but I was shooting to impose a different mood. Tell me what you think, or which of the two you like best. Comments and critique help me learn.

asakusa_226 asakusa_227 asakusa_228 asakusa_200 asakusa_276 asakusa_275 asakusa_282 asakusa_279 asakusa_280

10 Comments on “Sky Tree, another view

    • Thank you much.
      They don’t get a lot of press, but there are dozens of other cherry blossoms in different colors. You should check them out. 🙂


  1. Imo, Steve, it isn’t a matter of which is best, or which anyone likes best: they’re two totally differing subjects (even if one item is common to both days). I like both days equally: they fulfil different … erhm … eye requirements. [grin]
    Seriously; they’re all great. You must be a quick bloody learner …odd, that – I would never have guessed.
    [M-R ducks quickly as cteavin throws a heavy cast-iron pot at her head]


    • Thanks. 🙂

      I’d never throw anything, M.R. I’d feel you loads of egg yolks and heavy cream disguised as health food. 😉


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