Weekly photo challenge: Monuments

By chance I was in Shinjyuku yesterday, near the government towers and walking throughout the sculpture gardens. I fell in love with this particular piece and thought I’d use the excuse of this photo challenge to post some of the pictures I took.

This was a good lesson for me on how color can affect composition. If you want to see them with and without, I put them on my Flicker page. Click to go there.








Nature seems to be encroaching in on this man. I tried to angle it so that he sat within a triangle of white space, but he got up and left — just like a man, leaves when you need him.


This is my favorite.


12 Comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Monuments

  1. πŸ˜€ Yes, men do have a talent for disappearing when you need them! I love these monochrome images. I’ve often wondered about the number of shades from black to white. I like the shot with the cubed thingy, the arc and the skyscraper. Very nice indeed!


  2. Liked the Flickr versions, and all the extra stuff, too. It’s about that bloke who sings, the one wearing round specs and a part that must’ve been done with a carving knife … [grin] As to the man who left when you needed him – that used to be MY line, (Β€) !!! [grin]


    • They were an interesting trio to watch. They were singing a strange fusion of traditional enka (Japanese folk) with 1920’s Jazz. I was crushing on the accordion player. πŸ™‚


      • Oh really ? Gosh, I would never have guessed … I can see that putting a camera in your hands with a mantra of learning how to use it is going to mean a whole shitload of this … [grin]


  3. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:

    A friend of mine changed her profile picture to black and white and it was stunning – I am going to give it a try too at some point – anyway these images from Made by you and I are equally stunning – the scale and the detail of the monument against the skyscrapers. But also serves to remind us that we often walk past pieces of sculpture without stopping to look and identify why it is there and who designed it. Great blog.


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