Hanami takes place all over Japan. Here are scenes from Kudanshita, Tokyo around the moats of the Imperial Palace, the site of the former Edo Castle.


kudanshita_084 kudanshita_114 kudanshita_098 kudanshita_088 kudanshita_104 kudanshita_103 kudanshita_086 kudanshita_101 kudanshita_106 kudanshita_090 kudanshita_111 kudanshita_110 kudanshita_109 kudanshita_097 kudanshita_116 kudanshita_092 kudanshita_083

21 Comments on “Kudanshita

  1. Your eye for photos is just astounding. Cannot get over those cherry blossom trees against the sky – just gorgeous!


  2. These images are W – O – W! They also look quite peaceful.


    • Thanks. Slow shutter speeds removed most of the people. It was really wall to wall people, like the crossing in Shibuya, if you know it. 🙂


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