Noise: Faces in the crowd

The pictures are noisy, the camera left at ISO 6400. This is Ueno, Tokyo after-hours. The gallery is set to random, so the juxtapositions are arbitrary. If any photographs stand out to you, let me know in the comments.

14 Comments on “Noise: Faces in the crowd

  1. I really love candid, un-self-conscious shots, just like these. 🙂 But they are difficult to capture! Well done, these are so lovely.


    • Each major station in Tokyo has it’s own character. Ueno is “old” Tokyo, less wealthy, populated by lots of foreign people from Asia and Africa and students and elderly people — and homeless.


    • The pics come up in a different random order each time, so I’m not sure which one you mean. The boys with the sticks, I have about 12 of them playing ‘samurai’. They were great, and having such a good time.


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