Summer heat

Summer in Japan. I grew up with heat waves above 100 degrees (38 degrees Celsius) and next to no humidity, so I appreciate the relatively cool and very moist heat over the Tokyo summer. Snow cones are the popular treat here. Called kakigori, vendors are around every major park. Everyone loves a snow cone. Those that don’t, well, they can chill with a beer wherever they like.





8 Comments on “Summer heat

  1. 😀 My first ‘appliance’ was a snow cone maker when I was maybe seven, you had to put an ice cube in top of the gadget and crank to shave the ice. When you had enough, you put it in a funnel-shaped paper cone and added flavoring. smiling Those were the best and I had that cone maker for years until the blade was too dull to shave ice.

    Thank you, Cteavin, for these beautiful photos and a for sparking this wonderful memory.


    • I remember those machines as well. The blue or red syrups that stained our mouths and begging for a dollop or squeeze of sweetened condensed milk. 🙂

      The machines they use here makes the ice into a texture more like snow. They have the same syrups, like strawberry and blue hawaii but a few different ones, too. My personal favorites are matcha with condensed milk, or black vinegar, which is kind of sweet and sour. 🙂

      You should buy a new machine.


      • That sounds heavenly but I have issues with sugar and syrups now, sadly enough. One of my daughters loves to create in her kitchen and I’ll tell her about it.

        However, I do occasionally drink vinegar. 😉


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