Kids with guns

Guns are illegal here in Japan. As an island nation, they’re difficult to smuggle in. Gun death is nothing you hear about in the news. Though I’ve seen toy guns in hobby stores before this was the first time to ever see children playing with them. Oh, Japan, you have no idea what you’re doing, do you?





9 Comments on “Kids with guns

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  2. Reblogged this on American Liberal Times and commented:
    I Thought maybe America ought to see this article . . . I think Americans can learn a lesson from this article . . . read it again: “No gun deaths! None! Zilch! Zero! I guess that puts some of the right wing arguments to rest doesn’t it? I am talking about the right wing claims that guns make people safer. I always thought it was nonsense and now here is an article that proves it is nonsense to believe guns make people safer.


  3. It is unfortunate. I spent considerable time in Japan during the early 70’s and this would not be a likely occurrence during that time.


  4. I fear the U.S. is going to implode from the sheer numbers of guns. 😦 Do you remember the last scenes of The Planet of the Apes?


    • Had to Google it. 😉

      For me I hear the stories of gun violence as they come up, out of context and without debates on the need for guns or constitutional rights. People killing people. The issue is really very simple.


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