The Fox, part one

(The first in a series.) This is the first act of an outdoor play. This character is the fox god Inari. The audience was filled with small children. The progression shows the character as he transformed into the awesome god he represents before he reaches down to those brave young people to be blessed. (You can click on them for full size versions.)
outdoor play one_001

outdoor play one_002

outdoor play one_003

outdoor play one_004

outdoor play one_005

outdoor play one_006

outdoor play one_007

outdoor play one_008

outdoor play one_009

outdoor play one_010

outdoor play one_011

outdoor play one_012

outdoor play one_013

outdoor play one_014

6 Comments on “The Fox, part one

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  2. This looks great. I’ve seen masked dancing at Edinburgh Festival a few years ago and it was mesmerising


  3. So cool. So the White Fox is known as a god? right? Japanese stories are really interesting.


    • Yeah, he’s often seen as a trickster god but there’s another version in which he’s very powerful, which is shown here. The fascinating part of the story telling is the use of masks and dancing — there’s no language in these plays, yet the meaning is clear.


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