In bloom?


The weather turned a cool 72 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) with the rain, cold for July. I’ve stayed in all morning with the excuse, or the preference not to get wet.

It looks like storm clouds are passing.

It’s time to open the front door.
Fresh air.
Cool day.
Perfect for doing something!

in bloom

(Except go to the gym. Why should one go to the gym when the weather is so inviting outside, right?)

7 Comments on “In bloom?

  1. Hello, dullink ! 😀
    Beautiful hibiscus !
    Know what the big dude meant: you do have a tendency to drop out, every now and then, right ?
    X !

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    • I LOVE thunderstorms. I miss them. In Los Angeles we get them without the rain. I enjoyed being in the top floors of our office building and look out into the city’s dessert side to see the lighting and revel in the sounds of nature.

      I can’t believe it’s cold this morning!


  2. Is that your photo? It’s such a pretty shade of purple! 😉 There are folks who can manufacture dozens of reasons not to exercise if that’s what they want. I exercise every two hours because of my disability but if I had to leave the house I doubt I’d ever get to the gym either.


    • Yeah, it was a quick shot when I stepped out. There was a prompt downpour two seconds later. The clouds began to clear after. This morning is perfect — and it’s still cool.

      I did end up going to the gym. I used to be a gym bunny but fell out of the habit about a year ago. I avoid going at certain times to keep out of view of the other regulars who I’d always see. Wouldn’t you know it, big buff dude saw me on the treadmill came over and asked, “what happened to you?!?” (lol)

      BTW, there’s a festival here called Tanobata. It’s traditionally held on the 7th. It’s based on an old Chinese love story. Look it up, you might enjoy the story. 🙂


      • Ha ha ha ha! There are gyms now that promote themselves as jock-free because they know it’s an issue. I’ve known many who have memberships but hardly ever get there. My daughter goes to a local park and walks and jogs. I have a bike in my living room and we have a treadmill in the basement that gets used a little. As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it.

        I’m disabled so I must exercise every two hours to keep from getting stiff. When I get stiff it gets so I am very wobbly. I exercise so I can walk safer.

        I’m going to look up the Tanobata, it sounds interesting. Have a good rest of the weekend. 🙂


      • Tanobata was fun. Give a man a camera and he has new purpose in being, and staying, someplace. 🙂

        Sorry to read you have pain from your disability. I can’t recall you’re mentioning it on your blog. You recently wrote about depression, which can be just as crippling and anything to do with the limbs.

        As I’m getting older, and since I stopped with the gym bunny lifestyle, I’ve definitely noticed my body’s not so quiet messages to sit down, stretch, take a nap. It sounds like you know what your body needs and how often. I suppose that’s half the battle. 😉 I hope the rest of the battle doesn’t cause you much discomfort or pain.


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