Pepper prelude poll

(poll is at the bottom)

There’s a place near the park which procures prodigious produce for purchase. The other week they had a bumper crop of yellow and red bell peppers, pound for pound cheaper than per pepper — so I bought a bunch to prepare. Peeled they were perfect peppers for stuffing.


These are some shots from one plating enhanced through Lightroom. Everywhere I keep reading that there are no rules on artistic choices. Well, I think there are some underlying principles on what makes a good image or edit, maybe you’ll help me discover what they are by posting your opinions or thoughts in the comment section.

For example, I tried to emphasize by adding or taking away highlights, removing color, or making monochrome.

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 800105 mm-8

Number one

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 12800105 mm

number two

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 1250105 mm-2

number three

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 800105 mm-12

number four

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 3200105 mm

number five

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 800105 mm-5

number six

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 800105 mm-3

number seven

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 500105 mm-17

number eight

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 500105 mm-3

number nine

madebyyouandi.comJuly 01, 2014ISO 500105 mm-3-2

number ten

7 Comments on “Pepper prelude poll

  1. I’m between number 9 and 10. I agree, photos with color makes the dish look more appealing. Feast with your eyes and than your belly!


  2. You can photograph anything you want in B&W but food should be done in color because we eat with our eyes. If you are not doing a recipe and the picture is only for artistic quality then B&W is alright.


  3. Mate ! – if you go doing your marvellous cooking and your marvellous photography at this level of specialisation, you’re going to go bonkers.
    Come to think of it, mebbe you are already ? [grin]


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