Living at the station

I make it a point to capture images of the homeless when I can. They are few. They form a community and, from what I’ve observed are friendly with one another, well groomed, organized, clean. I think it’s important not to forget they exist even here.

homeless 2 (1 of 1)

11 Comments on “Living at the station

  1. To be homeless is to be invisible in our societies. You honor this man merely by seeing him and acknowledging his existence. This photograph has so many layers and complexity. Is that a bas relief to the right? The train and the figures emerging from the darkness is haunting, especially in the context of your subject. Nicely done.

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    • Thanks again.

      The bas relief is 80 years old and actually commemorates the progress that Japan has made because of the rail. That rail is directly above him.


    • One of Tokyo’s major arteries. Above him, the train.
      The mural of the train on the wall behind him was made in the 1910’s or thereabouts. It’s a tribute to the progress the rail brought to the city. I love the juxtaposition.

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  2. How did you achieve that wonderful graininess seen when one zooms in ? – it looks marvellous !!


    • Thank you. 🙂

      I shot at night at ISO 1600. To highlight the homeless man I brought up the exposure and dialed down the brightness and saturation then put a mask around the homeless man and brought his even further up. To focus the eye I put a vignette around him and feathered it out.

      I also pulled the train out and the sign indicating where he is. Though most won’t catch it, the Chinese characters literally mean he’s ‘at the top’ and ‘place away from civilization’.


      • Excuse me ? – you speak one of the Chinese languages as well as Japanese ???


      • Read Chinese as well as any Japanese. They use the same characters. When I’ve traveled in China, when I want something I write it down and they get it.

        Convenient, eh. 🙂

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