Summer couples

In the hot summer with broad hats and lose fitting clothing you might find a an older couple in repose. A temple in the distance. A slight rustling in the trees. A small crested bird gliding by.

I took this photo on a tripod for 30 seconds with several neutral density filters. I toned down the highlights in the greens and brought up the highlights overall. I’m surprised how much like a painting this looks like. Because the couple wasn’t perfectly still they blur enhancing the painterly effect. I converted it to black and white as well. Tell me which one you like best. temple with color enhancement (1 of 1)

kamakura detail couple (1 of 1)

kamakura couple bw (1 of 1)

17 Comments on “Summer couples

  1. I like the close-up of the couple, the long-exposure blur gives it an Impressionist feeling… and the richness of the colors of her hat, his shoes, the hydrangea blooming behind the bench. So satisfying.


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