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Self portrait: The Distance Between Us

madebyyouandi.comJuly 13, 2014ISO 10017 mm-3     I invite you to think on the title. By distance I mean to draw your attention to that space between the camera and the subject, the subject and the entrance. I hope that if you notice those gaps you’ll think on the space between where you are siting and where I am posting this. I took several shots but chose this one because the flair and the doors were in alignment along the axis. I cut the flair in half to show two halves of the same thing. The emblem on the door (the Imperial crest) is also a duplicate as are the yellow lights in the distance and decorations hanging from the entrance. In the distance you’ll notice the ‘tori’, another gate to play off the gate at the center of the photo. Duplicity. What you can’t know by looking at the photo is the subject is not me, but a stand in for me. And in a way I as the photographer am the stand in for you the viewer at this event. So the title, The Distance Between You And Me is meant to be ironic in that we are one and the same.

18 Comments on “Self portrait: The Distance Between Us

    • You left early?!?

      Beyond the gate my the main shrine was lovely. Soft illumination from thousands of lateens, people in their best yukata. I have pics coming. 🙂


  1. Will I disappoint and insult you by asking you about the title, Steven …? It’s a bloody marvellous photo – LOVE the movement ! – but I must be up too early or simply too old … I don’t get it. If you can bring yourself to, would you explain …?


    • You never disappoint love. Insult, well. . . . (grin)

      I didn’t know if I should post an explanation or not. I chose to go back and put in the thought process. Thank you. There was meaning behind how I took the photo and what I wanted to do.


      • Very well then, I shall think more.
        Now tell me something unrelated: are you a Mac or a Windows person ?


      • Oh, go back to the post. I put the commentary there for you, love.

        I’m Mac all the way!

        I have two iMac, 3 iPads, iPhone, Apple TV, too many iPods to count. . . . I had been using iPhoto, but now know the error of my ways.


      • OK. I’m thinking of posting about how I set up the new ‘navigation’ system, because Simon Johnson is thinking of using it, too. Needed to know what mindsets I’m writing for – namely, both …


      • Got it, sloppy reader that I am. No wonder I disappoint – I disappoint myself !
        Stand-in is a good term re photographers’ images !


      • Disappoint says the woman picking up new technologies, with thousands of followers, and sardonic wit.



      • Thanks for your clarifying/explaining underlying title details, Steven. What you added I understand and appreciate, especially if I were a photographer.

        As with any/all art, my personal preference is to be aware of both the creator’s intention coupled with my own interpretation. It frequently yields a different light on what’s seen (by the viewer).

        Not surprisingly then, what was initially conjured in my eye was simple and pleasing to my imagination. When you added context from the photographer’s perspective, while it helped to frame your view, my analytic mind got it — even if it now seems, to me, a bit more ‘sterilized.’

        I guess this says that technical merits (while helpful and purposeful) don’t always enhance the resonance for me. Still, I like to photo. 🙂


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