A walk in the woods

I started this blog almost six months ago. A few months after I purchased the Nikon and two weeks ago I started using Lightroom. I am very happy with my progress. I envisioned a cooking blog, but in photography I’m finding my voice.

As you may have notice I’m redoing my blog. If you click on the menu bar up top you’ll (eventually) get photo links to all the pages I have, broken down by category. I need to go in and edit each post to finish it. I hope to have it done by Monday. In the meantime, if you can give me some feed back on font size, (page) loading times, and anything which might annoy you, I’d appreciate it.

Tonight I’m posting some pics of a walk through the woods and an abandoned building I came across. I set up my tripod, put neutral density filters over the lens, and took 30 – 60 second exposures. I did some tweaking to affect the mood in Lightroom. Then I re-edited the color scheme to change one into black and white. Tell me what you think. What I’m noticing is that the long exposures give the photos a painterly quality, which I enjoy looking at and thinking on.   Buddha in the woods-6 Buddha in the woods-7 Buddha in the woods-8

6 Comments on “A walk in the woods

  1. P.S. Your long-exposure photos are gorgeous and rich; “painterly” is exactly the right word for these. I can’t wait to see what you tinker with next.


  2. Your hard work always pays off, S. The site redesign looks crisp and clean. Really lets your photography shine! Your food posts are what drew me in; I love those, and suspect (hope) that you’ll continue to sprinkle some recipes and edible thoughts on this blog. But if your journey is taking you more into the photographic realm, then I and many others are only too happy to follow along. Your commitment to excellence in everything you do is laudable and gives us all something to feast on! Cheers.


    • Thank you much. I appreciate it.

      I really have been working hard at this. Hours and hours and hours at the computer. I haven’t cooked since I downloaded Lightroom. (shy grin)

      One day I’ll post recipes. 😉


    • Thank you.

      I’ve been bracketing with different setting and viewing the differences on my computer. It really has been teaching me.


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