Shinjuku is, to many, the city center of Tokyo, is nearly 100% concrete and pavement save for this large national park which used to be part of the imperial household.


from the darkness



Stages of life, or family



14 Comments on “Lotus

  1. Isn’t it amazing that so many east Asian countries consider the lotus something really special ? Still, it is indeed a beautiful blossom; and I’m really sure that to have it blooming there within those acres and acres of concrete is wonderful …
    But apart from all that, it looks as if you got everything sorted here, eh ? Clever you, Steven; and congratulations ! – it’s terrific !

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  2. Like the reflection in the second photo. As for Shinjuku, I’ll never forget my first time there — trying to find a specific watering hole in a vastness of endless side streets and alleys. I miss that part of the city, it has something for everyone, including the beauty captured here.

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    • I forgot to ask you, when were you last here, Erik?

      Shinjuku’s quite the place. Were you ever in Japan during the bubble?


      • You live here and didn’t say a word!

        Oh, I’d love to hear about life here back then. It would have been so different. Do you have pics n’ stuff to share?

        I’m guessing you would have hung out at Julianas in Roppongi and para para was just about to catch on.

        I’ve seen TV shows from the 80’s and if we were in wack fashion, they were even more so.

        You will be amazed when you come back, Eric. I’ve only seen pictures for comparison but in my short time here the city is vastly changed.


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