Advice from fellow bloggers, please

I’m 90% done with my blog re-do. I need to adjust the tags and add featured photos and I’m done, though I might add a page of my personal favorite posts. At the top of the right sidebar are two pics. Click either and you go to a page which lists all of my posts with clickable links (further broken down by subject on that page) and a page of just my photographic posts. (When I start writing recipes again I’ll add a third clickable box for just recipes.)


1) In sorting through old posts I found a lot of one off topics, often vents at something or questions. They have no relation to the overall theme of my blog. Would you delete them, or keep them as part of your blogs history and progression? (This post is an example of the kind of post I’m talking about.)

2) Older posts I’m not happy with and would like to redo, should I delete them and rewrite as I like, or edit those posts as they are? These are mostly posts from which I first made the blog. Now that I have a better grasp at blogging, I know they need a re-do.


3) How detailed do you all go on tags? When I first started I had ten or twenty tags. I’ve tried to keep just three or four. Do any of you have any wisdom to pass along for tagging your posts?


Thank you all!

14 Comments on “Advice from fellow bloggers, please

  1. I agree w/ The Crazy Crone. Leave your old posts as they are; these detail your journey as a blogger. As for tagging, as a newbie blogger myself, I vacillate from a lot to half a dozen. I’m starting to move towards less is more (but this may be post-dependent). Good luck on your decisions. Either way, your site is looking sharp!


  2. I have read many times on WP that using too many tags might get your post classified as spam. I use about 5 but 20 is too much. I tweak my blog every 12 months to give it a facelift. Don’t do anything too drastic before thinking it through.


    • Really? I never heard that. Good to know.

      As far as a look, visually it bugs me to see a lot of tags with posts, but at the same time I want to make sure my work is accessible. It’s always a balance, isn’t it?


  3. I read once that when you publish something it should not be changed. However, there are some articles I published before my blog became popular so I am going back and refreshing good information, tweaking the structure of the article and adding photographs. In the beginning I did not even know how to add pictures. By taking an old piece and refreshing it, I gain a few days where I can take a short break.


    • So you’re not republishing them to let people know the content is slightly altered?

      The posts I’m thinking of deleting sometimes show up as links at the bottom of my new content. I thought it might be better to throw those away to keep the blog theme centered. What do you think?


      • In any that I republish, if they are very much the same I will say that it is republished. If it has a lot of changes I will publish it as new.

        If you are are getting rid of things to change the theme of your blog then do whatever you want. You are the boss. πŸ™‚


  4. Hi, because you asked, I would step away from the blog for a few days. You’ve been working hard on the setup details and it looks great. In that off period, I would think about what exactly you want this blog to represent. Then, go through all your content and delete anything that is off topic or spruce it up to fit in with your overall goals and theme. Focus. And one tiny comment: there is a typo in your sidebar. I think ‘Man Index’ should be ‘Main Index’….the site looks great. Keep up the good work. D

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    • Thank you.

      That’s really good advice, especially stepping away a bit. And thanks for catching my typo. πŸ™‚


  5. Good to know you are done with remodelling, haha I think it’s always important to have blog looking like you want it to look, helps with writing posts.

    1.) If it was me, I would just leave them. Sometimes I regret publishing my posts the next day and after few months I am not too happy with my blog posts but they are like memories. Of course it’s entirely up to you πŸ˜€

    2) Maybe you could just make a look-back. Put a link to yourprevious post and make a new post of how your views of that havechanged since.

    3) I think tags are the best. I think you can put however many tags you want to as long as they have something to do with the topic. Like if I write book review, I feel comfortable using tags: book, books, book review, author name, book name, series name, reading + if I am in some place: name of that place etc. Not however to tag that same post about books as: personal (nothing to do with it really), blogging (because I think it would get lostin the feed) or #fun #happy belong somewhere else than to book review tag:D


    • Thanks.

      What I noticed is that at the bottom of my new posts there’s are three links titled related posts. They sometimes refer back to those posts which have no relation to my blog. Maybe I should look into turning them off instead of deleting them.


  6. I’d leave your past work untouched. It represents who you were and what you were at the time, so accept what is done. Also, the future is far more important than the past – look forward, not backwards, learn from what you don’t want to repeat, and stay in the present so you create the future.


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