The amazing thing about this series of pics is the ISO. I shot these in very low light under a train track on an overcast day. The ISO 256,000. I usually set my camera between ISO 100 – 400, to give you an idea just how high that is.

It’s rare to see monks out to collect alms. I leaned into the shade of a building and watched the people busy by him for several minutes. Everyone has their work. No one has much time for each other. It’s less obvious in my neighborhood, but I’m pretty much the same. Isn’t it funny how Buddhism essentially says slow down and look at what’s in front of you?

Work-8063 Work-9051 Work-4500-2 Work-22807 Work-25600 Work-25600-2 Work-7184 Work-1000


13 Comments on “Work

  1. I’m impressed! Usually high ISOs result in grainier pictures. These are crisp! Did you use Lightroom to sharpen?


    • I used Lightroom a bit, but not as much as you’d think. I used the clarity function to detail the people in the image, color to remove the noise, and the lens correction has a feature which helped remove the chromatic distortion.

      The image came out of the camera with that grain overlay but not terribly distorted.

      I forget, do you use Lightroom or Photoshop, Vee?


      • Wow! That’s still impressive, considering the ISO was 256k!

        I only use the edit functions on iPhoto; I can’t decide whether to get Photoshop or Lightroom. I took a few photography classes when I was in San Diego, and all the computers in the lab had Photoshop installed. I didn’t find it to be an intuitive program. I’ve not had any experience with Lightroom at all, but it seems to be just as good (especially if you have a Mac)?


      • I do have a mac.

        I’ve stolen both programs through torrents before, but never used them. When I had reason to use them, I went to adobe and saw they now sell both Lightroom and Photoshop as a bundle for about 10USD a month. That seemed reasonable to me. They offer a 30 day free trial, which, for me expires on Friday, after which I’ll sign up.

        I love it. I was using iPhoto before, too. LR is much, much better and the learning curve isn’t very steep. Photoshop, however!

        I opened it over the weekend and have been working my way through the tutorials. I’ve spent maybe ten hours on fundamentals, so far — haven’t even started working on my photos, yet. But taken together with LR, PS has helped me understand the changes I’m making in LR. One day I’ll b able to use PS. Point is, so can you!



  2. I love the series of pictures. What you said struck home, too. We always think we have no time, we’re in a hurry. Then one day, life changes and you are struck by how much you missed by not taking the time when you had it.


  3. What made you decide to have your camera take shots so sensitive to the light ? – what was it about that environment ?
    They’re great shots; so whatever it was, you seem to’ve been right to do so !


    • The lighting was really low, very bad. I wanted depth of field, so I stopped down the lens and needed the high ISO. Also, I did want a grittier pic, something which I could make look old given his costume.



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