I’m going on holiday from Friday.

I will get on the shinkansen Friday sometime before five and head south. I have no firm plan on where to go or what to do — and that’s the way I like to vacation. Who isn’t bound by schedules? It’s nice to take a month off an get on without one.

With the iPad hotel reservations are a snap. I’ve been traveling this way since I was in my early twenties and only three times have I ever not found accommodation: The first time in Cambodia, the second in Germany, the third in Aomori, Japan.

As of now my blog is now on auto pilot. I’ve scheduled 15 posts over the next few weeks and will try to chime in with photos from my iPhone or iPad.

I appreciate all of the support you’ve all given me this past half year. Your comments make me feel good, I enjoy the banter, and you’ve all helped me learn a new skill. Two, in fact. Forgive me as I’ve been getting progressively busier the past few days and have not had a chance to check your blogs, leave comments, or answer mine. I will. It might take me a couple of days, but I will.

For now, this is Chinatown, or rather a temple in Chinatown. We stumbled out of the restaurant after everything was closing. With all the bright lights and quiet the area had an etherial quality I tried to keep by leaving the highlights where they were. The last two are the same photo with the background shaded out. If one strikes you as better than the other, let me know. 🙂

For the gate I did something new: Triple exposure. I rather like it.


chinatown- chinatown--5 chinatown--4 chinatown--3 chinatown--2

20 Comments on “Chinatown

  1. Gorgeous photos! Of the two last ones, I prefer the one with the background shaded in. The gate also looks very cool!
    I want to come to Yokohama again soon. We should meet up!
    Your holiday plans sound amazing! It is a little stressful to have to plan around hotel/hostel stays. Have fun during your time off 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have lots of cool snaps to post when you get back.


  2. I do, too ! – but you chose a perfect subject for it: I reckon it could be awful with the wrong one.
    Here’s hoping you get some real relaxing time, Steven. Does Hiro travel with you ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Case by case. I get three months holiday per year. He gets 10 days. (lol)
      I’m on my own this time because I’ll be gone just under a month.


    • Thank you much, Jackie.
      I do. I really deserve this holiday. I didn’t mention it, but I work seven days a week.


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