How often are we ever where we plan to be?

As I write this I expect to be leaving Kyoto, or possibly Shikoku, en route to Kyushyu. I wonder where I’ll actually be. Alone, a couple, or a group? About and out, or in? And how will the weather be?

These plants took root far, far, far afield from where their seeds fell.

How often are we really where we plan to be and how do we feel once we realize we’re there?

Gyouen Park-400-5Gyouen Park-200-8Gyouen Park-200-5Gyouen Park-400-6
Gyouen Park-200-11

7 Comments on “How often are we ever where we plan to be?

  1. All gorgeous, but that tendril against the purple background is so good! Oh, and planning may be overrated. Get there? There = Here. How do you feel now?


  2. What a wonderful, thoughtful question, Steven !! – and how totally unanswerable.
    Lovely shots, m’dear: keep it up … I hope you’re well and having a super time …


  3. An alternate thought…. rather than wonder about the future, why not simply appreciate and be in the now? Wherever you will be, will be beautiful in that moment. Nice photos, SS.


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