This is called a hook. If I showed you my feet you wouldn't have clicked, would you? This is also a Japanese snow cone.

Cellphoneograhy: Pride and Peer Pressure

I am a man. I rarely ask for directions, I nod assent even when I don’t fully understand, and I endeavor to not show pain. (Imagine Hulk pose.)

I went hiking today in the wettest part of Japan in shoes one size too small, without proper gear. How did that happen? See one and two above.

Pain? The hike up was HARD. Eventually it rained and I was soaked to the skin, which made the rocks slippery on the way DOWN. My toes jammed into the front of the shoes and practically brought tears to my eyes with each step . I made friends I walked with on the way down, slipped and fell FOUR times. But I’m a guy: Skinned knees, aching feet and a twisted ankle and not a single complaint.

I’m also an online guy and I need to say #%#%%%#%#%#%##%%%#% ouch!


(The dessert is bate and switch. Would you have clicked on a post with my feet? It’s a Japanese snow cone called kakigori, btw. My next accommodation should have wifi. I’m going to try and read blogs and answer comments then.)


And blisters under each toe. Male pride has it’s downside.


The cellphone can’t come close to the look and feel of this place. Perhaps the Nikon will.


These paths ALL turn into steams when it rains.



The roots make for an easy climb UP, but not down. Oh, and see the rain gear? I was in shorts and a t-shirt.

5 Comments on “Cellphoneograhy: Pride and Peer Pressure

  1. No, I would not have clicked on any one’s feet….certainly not a man’s. Even if your’s aren’t horrible for a man. I love all the adventure from my chair. How do you get paid and take this much time off? As an American you must think you’ve landed in the place of milk and honey. Keep the photos coming…minus man feet. 🙂


  2. 😀 You men are so funny; y’all have got this macho thing going on! On my youngest daughter’s first real hike I spent over $200 on a pair of professionally made boots. She had not one blister or pain from the trip. She still has and uses those boots 10+ years later. Your experience reminds me of a day when my husband played a friendly game of soccer. During the game one of the larger players kicked him in his shin. My husband barely winced from pain but when he got in the car to come home he all but cried. He was in agony from the injury and had to get it treated but still has occasional pain even now.

    The next time you have pain – let it out! Were you by any chance a Boy Scout?


  3. I love how you are embracing your photographic talents. I saw it as your passion from the very beginning. Bravo!
    (sorry about the ^&&&E# feet!)


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