Selfies and haircuts

self shot-200

This is the before and after for my hair cut.

I loved having long hair but when it dries I can’t do much with it, so before my holiday began I visited my カリスマ美容師 (they call top stylists Charisma Stylists) in Aoyama. I love my hairstylist and the salon: There are only two women working in the whole place — and 50 stylists. My stylist is awesome. His name is Fuyuki and I’ve been seeing him for a few years, but I stopped coming for about 10 months to grow my hair. The look in his eyes when he saw me, I was like a new toy.

Cut, cut, thin, think, thin, cut, step back and come back to it. He’s an artist and works mainly with magazine models — and that ladies and gentlemen, along with all the support staff, is why I pay about 150USD to get my haircut.

The last pic is me this weekend.


self shot-100-2 self shot-200-2 self shot-200-3 self shot-200-4 self shot-4524 self shot-4539 self shot-100-3

26 Comments on “Selfies and haircuts

  1. This is witchcraft, lol, how can you be 45? Stvrsnbrgr is right, you must be pouring unicorn blood in your smoothies. No really, you look dreamy 🙂

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    • Thank you.

      It’s all the home cooked food. Seriously. I’m not dogmatic, so I’m not stressed like other foodies, but I’ll always chose homemade everything over processed anything. I can see by comparing myself with others that it makes a difference.



  2. I’m the same. I still get asked for ID everywhere I go. I got told off in the supermarket once for telling a shop assistant (who was refusing to sell me a bottle of red wine) that I was thirty (when I was actually thirty). Apparently girls like me will get themselves into trouble if we go around telling people we are thirty when we are not (her words not mine). I still get asked what undergraduate degree I am studying and I graduated the first time 11 years ago. I suppose its a nice problem to have as you get older!

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    • Oh, it definitely is the best problem to grow old with.

      I work in a high school and develop really good familial relationships with my kids but eventually I tell them my age and — OMG, the shock: They’ve made friends with their fathers! (lol) I get that every year.

      How do you feel about getting chatted up/flirted with by much younger people? I love it. It’s a big ego booster.


  3. Wow! From Tarzan… to Diana Ross :)… to Supermodel. Looking good, Steven! (Though I kinda like Tarzan.) I also went sans scissors for the past ten months — with just one maintenance trim before a friend’s wedding in June. It’s liberating. Plus, I’d rather have too much than not enough!

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    • And anyway, you ain’t so bad, after all. I’ve LONG SINCE told you what you were like when you were his age; and it’s true. A couple of really yummy lookers, you two. Always the way. Sighh …

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      • But for crying out loud: I cannot believe that a man with your brain wants to stay young and youthfully beautiful forever ! Now you’re suave and handsome: then you were delicious: that’s life !!!

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      • OK M-R, nice save. Suave you say? Hmmm. I’ll have to take that under advisement. As for Mr Sold His Soul… 45! I’m only old enough to be Steven’s not-very-much-older brother, not his grandparent. Do I seem over-sensitive? Probably. 45?! What’s your secret, S? Drink the blood of unicorns, do you? C’mon, fess up. You have the hairline of a freakin’ 18 year old. #somethingsnotrighthere


      • hehehehehe

        No one can ever guess my age. I always get late 20’s early 30’s — and I love it.

        My secret? Japan. It does wonders for your skin. 😉

        Also, sensibly wear sun screen, eat well (which means cook for yourself), exercise not too much, drink plenty of water, and be happy. You’d be surprise how good people look when they just feel happy and contented.


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      • I don’t know which of the pair of you makes me laugh the most … 😀
        big loud smoocheroony to both of you beautiful creatures …

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  4. Your hair isn’t that long, my daughter’s beau has hair almost to the floor. He has not had a haircut since he was a little kid. 🙂

    I like the curly, waviness of your hair. Very nice.

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  5. You’re GORGEOUS. Sighh … I need to lose 40 years, and probably 40 pounds. And then, I need to …
    This is huge fun, this post, SS !!!!! 😀

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    • You know, if you can gain access to the TARDIS, you and I could have all kinds of fun. 🙂

      I can just imagine how good looking you’d be after your sex reassignment surgery, which if you head to the future first, should be just a few snips and a tug.



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