What it feels like traveling (sometimes)

I got back the other evening on a late shinkansen. I walked into my home, immaculately clean, lay fresh sheets on the bed, took and shower and slept for sixteen hours uninterruptedly.

I had set 15 posts to upload here automatically during my holiday, expecting to chime in from time to time with “cellphoneography”, but they stopped self-posting. I apologize for that. Once I started island hopping keeping a charge in my i-devices became a battle, so I shut down all mail and anything push; used the cell camera when the taking out the Nikon was impossible; and used the remaining charge to find accommodation. As I was planning each day as it came, and traveling during peak season, finding a place to stay ended up more of a challenge than I anticipated. The point being I was frustrated to log back in today and see all these posts in a queue.

I have thousands of photos to sift through from my holiday. A large part of this trip was learning how to work my camera, to see what I can do with it. I do have some exceptional shots I’ll eventually get around to sharing but for now I’ll leave you with a post that should have uploaded a while ago.

This is a photo I took during a Tanobata celebration. Ultimately, crowds can be isolating. Being different within the crowd is an opportunity.


15 Comments on “What it feels like traveling (sometimes)

  1. I think your being part of those enormous crowds that seem to characterise Japan is what I can’t relate to. I couldn’t be like that.
    But then, you’re a big bloke, and working; so it’s probably very different.

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    • Are you saying you can’t imagine being part of the inseparable mass — the conformity, or just the volume of people is overwhelming?

      If it’s the latter, it does help when you can see where you’re going. That’s the truth. If I were arm pit level I’d be very unhappy.


      • Yes … I believe it is, the image of being bound on all sides by people I couldn’t see over …


      • I went to a concert a few years ago, my then favorite band Ellegarden, and when the band started the throng pushed in, about 50,000 people.

        I freaked. Thankfully I was 1 head taller than most but being immobile and squeezed till I couldn’t breath was terrifying, a hundred people in from all directions.. Still, that’s the way it is for so many short people out there. Aren’t you used to it, yet?



      • I’m not actually short,having been 5’7½” until a couple of years ago, when the lower back problems meant I shrank about that last ½”. Come to think of it, that might mean I’m still taller than most Japanese, eh ?


      • You could still be a giant here, M.R. You should come try out your new found super power (height) in the crowds.


        If you want that .5 inch back, just do your hair up (or wig) and/or platform shoes.


      • You gotta play nice, m.r.

        You’d be surprised by the fashion of the older folks here. I sh#t you not, purple or blue hair is The Thing with the older crowd. Wigs are common for older women trying to look their best — oi, the informercials.


      • I have never bothered with trying to look my best. I was always nervous about ending up like mutton dressed up as lamb. 😀

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