Silent protest

Do you see me now?

Every town has someone like this. In a city of 42 million we have a few. What do you notice first? The thrilling fashion sense? The daring glasses? The perky breasts? It wasn’t until I came home and looked at the images that I noticed the decals. What I quickly dismissed as crazy — and tried really hard not to stare at — is actually a protest calling for the Abe government to not expand the military. How could I have missed such a clear message?

Is he really alone? --3 Is he really alone? --4

9 Comments on “Silent protest

  1. Not many of us are willing to get it out there, our message … It would be wonderful to be so careless of the opinions of others ! I don’t like Abe, either !!!


  2. I’ll echo Eric — if no one notices you, your message is already lost! Yes, he seems eccentric to the point of crazy. But… what would be crazy is for Japan to divert much needed resources to a pointless military buildup. Learn a lesson from your American friends: this country has spent trillions of dollars destroying other countries, and hundreds of billions to rebuild infrastructure… while at home our own roads and bridges and tunnels and water supplies are disintegrating. Japan and Germany became post-WWII economic powerhouses precisely because they were prevented from another military buildup. We are doomed to repeat the history we do not learn! So I commend this man, who is much saner than he may look.

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  3. Do the protestors carry signs about their cause? (like is that what it talks about on his hat?) Or is it just something ‘known’ like a message spread on the internet that there’s gonna be a certain variety of dress-code which involves looking wacky to the nines?
    It’s an interesting kind of protest to be sure, or at least fascinating to see pictures of, I’m just wondering how anyone is even supposed to know it’s a protest.

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    • Protests here are just like anywhere else. People carry signs and they might have a catch phrase. Usually they’re not loud. The police will come close down the street so a protest can move foreword, which makes an impact in a city of 40+ million.

      There is a unique type of “protest”, or political statement. They’re nicknamed the Black Vans. They are Imperialists, ultra hard core right wing people who want the Emperor reinstated. They drive around with loudspeakers with their propaganda, but they really are the exception.


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