Elementary schools were given colorful streamers for children to write down their good wishes for the world. Phrases like, “I want everyone in the world to try hard with a smile”, “May good feelings and smiles all over the world increase”, “All the children of the world come together and make a peaceful world”. These were hung down different streets (from those on my previous post). Being of lighter paper they fluttered more in the breeze providing a sound like leaves and the reflected light of dozens of rainbows with the children who made them near, playing in the streets. And there, alone, perhaps resting, was a very dour older lady in monochrome.


9 Comments on “Contrasts

    • I do but the blur is too much with all the movement of both the people and the streamers. To get an idea what it looks like look at the (pink) pic called “what it feels like traveling (sometimes)”.

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  1. 2 questions: what d’you mean “a very dower old lady” ? and what d’you mean “in monochrome” ?!
    Apart from which oddities, a delightful post. 😀


    • Whoops, you’re right. It was to read “dour” not “dower”. Spell check can’t catch homonyms, and neither can my eyes.

      As for monochrome, I was referring to her wearing only black and white versus all the colors around her. The pics of the kids would have made it clearer, but the shutter speed was too slow and they came out out of focused and blurry in a bad way.


    • Thank you much.

      I took a few shots of the children and her in the same frame but they were too quick and blurred in an unappealing way I couldn’t correct (in Lightroom).


  2. in my elementary school the only colorful paper they would hand down to you would be your test paper marked red with all the mistakes -.-

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