The bridge to the land which wasn’t there


odaiba--24 odaiba--11


From the seventies Japan amassed much of it’s garbage into a landfill used to reclaim land from the sea. By the late 80’s the site was full and work began to turn this landfill into a new part of the metropolis — Odaiba. Before it was heaped full of excess and waste Odaiba used to be series of small rocky crags that housed the cannons which keep the West out of Japan. Of those original islets only two or three remain are filled in with the waste as people threw out the old and bought the new during the long bubble period. Now Odaiba is home to Japan’s technological growth including the Miraikan, dormitories for international exchanges, vast shopping areas, luxury high rises and green acreage. The bridge which connects Tokyo to Odaiba is the Rainbow bridge (pictured here). Odaiba also houses Fuji TV, Japan’s largest TV network (the oddly shaped building below), which should be said helps shape the image of Japan for Japanese people.

(Another post which should have been uploaded while I was on holiday.)


10 Comments on “The bridge to the land which wasn’t there

    • No, it’s not a quote. Since Odaiba is land which wasn’t there before the trash heap, I turned the phrase. I want to gather all my posts on Odaiba under that phrase. One day. . . . Actually, I’m going there today hoping tin get images of those remaining islets which housed the cannons.


    • I was just reading over you blog. Nice stuff. I like people with positive mindsets. 🙂

      This music vid, is it for Robyn Loau? What part of Odaiba will you use?

      I enjoy Odaiba. I love that it still has wide open spaces. I enjoy the construction sites foretelling more to come, the architecture that’s already there, and the Edo onsen (cheesy, but fun). Oh, and the view into Ginza is one of my favorite nightscapes. 🙂


      • Cheers 🙂 Just trying to stay positive.

        I can’t tell you who the music video is for just yet, but hopefully I can announce it officially soon. I’m pretty excited and nervous about it. We’ve shot the odaiba scenes already. Using the same area as you. Only I’ve gone for the shot at dusk with the rainbow bridge and the replica statue of liberty and Tokyo Tower in the background.

        Oedo onsen is one of my favourite places in Tokyo. You can just go in and forget that time exists. The only problem is that it’s just so expensive!

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      • Desho!

        It’s like 3000 — not counting massages, or food.

        Have you been to the one near Tokyo Dome or that really swanky one near Toshimaen? I love onsen. During my holiday I made sure I went at least once a day. 🙂


      • I’ve been to the one at Tokyo Dome. Not bad, but not my favourite. The one near Oimachi or Tama-center is better value for money.

        Haven’t been to the one in Toshimaen. Is it worth a visit?

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      • I’ve read a couple of books on onsen/super sent spots which say it’s one of the best. I certainly enjoyed it.


  1. Terrific concept, Steven, the title of this post ! You are definitely a person of a large degree of creativity ! 🙂


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