And A River Runs Through It


Okayama city is bisected by the small river you see, a footpath on either side and small bridges every block. Along the paths in either direction are statues. Some are of Greek gods, other abstracts, still others and then more on top of that. Around the city are memorials to artist, athletes, (respected) politicians, businessmen and notable people from the city. The dance done, people went out for supper and this very large metropolis was still for about an hour.

The rain had turned to occasional drizzle. The clouds broke — occasionally. I walked the path alongside the river during that hour, had supper, then joined the now flowing crowds towards the very large river this samurai city had been centered around for fireworks.


okayama city-okayama city-2500okayama city--2okayama city-100-3okayama city-100-4okayama city-1800

12 Comments on “And A River Runs Through It

  1. What beauty, Steven ! What d’you mean when you describe it as a ‘samurai city’ ? – it is full of shrines dedicated to famous samurai, or what …?


    • A city centered around a castle, as Okayama is, was a capital under the old system, which means the samurai ran it for the Shogun (the big boss samurai). The emperor was only for show. It presented problems, such as attack from neighboring states and so you get the unique architecture and city layouts such as moats, rivers or mountains moulded to enhance security, and the division of the city into distinct area somewhat still preserved today. It’s very different from cities like Kyoto or Sapporo, which have different back stories. 🙂


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