Lost time and the dancer

I sat down at my computer around three this afternoon intending to leave at 3:30. I looked up and it was 10:30 — Damn you Lightroom!

The short version (I will flesh out later) is I went to a school function yesterday and today and went nuts with my camera. I prefer to bracket my shots, sift through and find the ones which communicate my intention. It’s a lot of work. Nothing difficult, but looking, rating, comparing, reviewing the selections and doing it again take time. Next I start editing. To teach myself, I often rework the same photo three to six different ways to see what’s in each photo. I get completely engrossed. If I don’t set an alarm I’ll miss work.

Small steps.

Here’s another part of the Okayama Momotaro Matsuri.

okayama momotaro festival-200 okayama momotaro festival-100-2 okayama momotaro festival-100-3 okayama momotaro festival-110-5 okayama momotaro festival-110-4 okayama momotaro festival-100 okayama momotaro festival-100-19 okayama momotaro festival-100-18

16 Comments on “Lost time and the dancer

  1. Wow! your photography is stunning! I’m a new blogger and much as I like to mess with the camera, I feel like I’ve learned a lot through others on capturing stills. I’m glad be following you now, I can probably learn a lot 🙂

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    • Thank you, Loretta.

      I’m new as well. I’ve learned a lot by looking at other peoples work and asking how they achieved what they present. Also Flicker. Flicker is constant inspiration.


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  2. Beautiful photographs, I really love looking at your work as it’s really inspiring to me to get out there and take more not to mention learn more Lightroom it’s just finding the time, since at the moment life is really getting in the way with work and family I’ve not touched my camera in over 2 weeks 😦

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    • I hear you.

      I’m single sans kids, so I have more free time than many but I have to cut time here and there in order to do any and all of it. It’s hard.

      One thing which has made a world of difference is bringing my camera with me everywhere. If nothing else, it reminds me to look at the world around me differently. The days I don’t bring it, I often see something I wish I could take a picture of.

      Carrying it with you might give you more chances to take photos. 🙂

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    • I know, right.

      Like, it’s only been since July since I got Lightroom. And only since April that I got that camera. That’s what? A couple of months for Lightroom and not even half a year for the camera.

      Wow. That’s just under two months (2) for Lightroom (because I didn’t use it on holiday, and five months (5) for the Nikon.

      How many hours would that be? Let’s see, if I were at Lightroom for 2 hours each day . . . .



    • Thanks.

      I just spent another afternoon on Lightroom. (lol) I purchased online tickets for the movies to force myself out of the chair.



  3. Lovely photos. Brings back memories of the kimono my uncle gave me when I was little. I used to wear it as my party dress and was so sad when I grew too big

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