Colors, costumes, calibrators

Over the weekend I purchased a color calibrator, the X-Rite i1. Color calibrators put all the color variables (hue, saturation, luminance) back into proper alignment. I’m not sure how monitor colors get knocked out of alignment, but after running the program it is clear to me they do: It’s like I have a new computer: The colors are fresh, the edges crisp and clean. Putting your monitors colors back into alignment means that blue is blue, and not shown as one of the (seemingly) infinite variations, which is important when editing photos.

The X-Rite has a physical device for the initial calibration (against your screen) which you keep near your monitor (after he colors are reset) to measure the ambient light in your room. Every 30 minutes it re-calibrates the monitors luminance levels. Some of the adjustments have been striking, so this was a very good investment.

As I leave Okayama on this photo journey I’ll be editing with my ‘new’ screen. The pics I’ve uploaded here all look wrong to me. I can clearly see where I would have made different choices, but I’m not going to go back and re-correct. It’s just another step towards my goal of being a better photographer. 😉


This Monday morning is wet. I had a great weekend and hope you all did, too. I made it out to my schools Culture Day (bunkasai) and to see the live action Lupin the 3rd, with Oguri Shun — loved it. It’s maybe the best translation of anime to film I’ve seen. What did you all do? What am I missing on this side of the ocean?



okayama momotaro festival-140-2 okayama momotaro festival-125 okayama momotaro festival-100-17 okayama momotaro festival-100-16

Just to show how slight adjustments make a difference in Lightroom, the above and below are adjusted slightly differently.

okayama momotaro festival-100-15 okayama momotaro festival-100-10

One of the best teachers has been conversion to black and white back to color again. I used to wonder why so much street photography was in black and white. For my eye the answer must be connected on where to draw focus. All those colors can be distracting.

okayama momotaro festival-100-7

2 Comments on “Colors, costumes, calibrators

  1. This event has been a wonderful source of material for you,eh, Steven ? – and to me the colours looks totally ace ! The problem with calibrating your monitor is that you know perfectly well no-one else’s is going to be within screaming distance … Still, I compliment you: Chic believed in that very firmly ! 🙂


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