Short people

Many people like the words ‘I’m blessed’, for me it’s more like I’ve made some really good decisions.

I used to think I wanted children, then my friends started producing them, I stated babysitting, and all my paternal feeling went down the commode. I am so grateful to be gay. I will never, ever come home to Hiro knitting baby booties.

Don’t misunderstand, I enjoy being around children. I’ve two jobs in which I get to work with young people (whom I call short people): One a high school and the other an ‘English School’, where I work with kids 3 to 17. (I adore the itty bitty ones, but only for forty minutes. After that I’ve had enough. With high school kids it depends on their hormone levels for the day, but half a day is about right.)

The larger point is that I chose not to have children — No, thank you! — and chose instead a job that gives me that familial feel without any of the paternal responsibly. I’ve been doing this long enough that I have watched a few go from knee-high to engaged. At this past weekend’s bunkasai, those graduated kids I mentioned came back all grown up, many already in careers. Watching them grow up puts my own life in perspective and keeps my heart filled with boundless optimism: I watch short people who can barely stand grow into adults who make our world go round.

(It’s often really hard for me to chose between the monochrome and color. Which do you prefer?)

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23 Comments on “Short people

  1. You’re waxing very philosophical of late, Steven: why is this, d’you think ?
    It has nought to do with being gay, not wanting to have children: I made a vow at 16 that I never would. Happily for me, I married a bloke who wanted kids slightly less than I did. πŸ˜€ And I don’t think we were being irresponsible, but practical. And these days, a lot of gay couples are making better parents than straights.
    Imnsho, there are those meant to be parents, and those not.
    I have spoken.

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    • Me, philosophical? Hmm, I am a little bloated. I didn’t realize it was coming through in my writing as well. πŸ˜‰

      A lot of my gay friends have gotten married and have kids. In two weeks a Canadian couple is coming with theirs in tow. I used to think I wanted kids until I started hanging out with my friends post-birth. No. No. No.

      I can’t even take care of my plants.

      I am well contented knowing I can wake up on Saturday and decide I’m skipping work on Monday to go to Seoul for the rest of the weekend. You can’t do that with kids — or plants (trust me). I would love to have a pet but it’s the same problem: I’m selfish, and I’m happy with that. πŸ™‚

      Cheers to you for knowing what you wanted! (raises glass) (clink)

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  2. I did not comment before because I had dental work and was miserable, to say the least.

    Being gay does not preclude gays from having children; I know gays who do. I have a niece who has her children and plans to marry her partner as soon as NC changes the laws. I have known other gays who have raised children successfully.

    As those photographs, they are lovely both ways. I favor monochromatic images in general but the young people in your shots have beautiful skin and eyes that I like both.

    This dental work is done in stages so I hope it is finished as quickly as possible. sigh


    • Aw, that’s very thoughtful to clarify your meaning. I wasn’t implying anything in my comment about gay and not wanting kids, but just never ever wanting kids. πŸ™‚

      You’re just full of aches and pains, aren’t you? You told me about your need for stretching. You take care.

      And their skin, it’s the only thing about youth I want, their skin tone and collagen.

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      • I have one definite daughter and maybe another that plans to not have children. There are many more reasons not to have children than to have them. The expense is #1 with the calculated cost up to $249,000 per child – not counting the cost of college.

        The need to exercise every two hours came after a stroke in 2009. If I don’t walk/exercise every two hours then it becomes harder to walk when I do.

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      • Hush, now.

        1/4 of a million for a child?

        I like the Japanese way of adopting when they’re adults. (Odd but true fact.)


  3. One can go for an entire day chasing after a child or two, at the end of the day you might look like you were driven hard and put away wet and then it happens.
    The children wrap their arms around you or kiss you and you are hooked forever.

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    • The fist bump, smile, and warm goodbye are good enough for me. πŸ˜‰

      I remember one of the first times I spent time with children after work, my friend and I went to dinner with her three small children. Every time the fork came near my lips I had to tend to them. It always made me wonder how parents can be anything but bone thin. πŸ™‚

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  4. For me, it’s not always B&W, either/or, an absolute. With these photos, I see and appreciate different things when juxtaposed. But then, thus is often how I view life… through different filters.

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  5. The coloured photographs are appealing too, but I’ve always loved black-and-white. In the first set, my focus was only on the girls faces in the B&W, but in the coloured version, the gorgeous green of that tree competed for my attention too.

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