Come say Happy Birthday!

I was tall for my age. Β And since both my parents were around five foot, my dad demanded a paternity test early on. πŸ˜‰

As a teen I was swarthy and already six-foot by junior high school. I easily got into R-rated movies and, even though underage, in high school I could buy beer, something which greatly expanded my social circles.

Then sometime in my early twenties looking older was no longer a boon. I wanted to look young and with the magic words, “I am” I could be five to ten years older or younger without a second glance. The trick works even better the other way. I simply ask, with a slightly incredulous tone, “well, how old do you think I am?”. The answer can shave 10 – 15 years off without any cosmetic expense.

birthday cake

For decades I’ve made a game out of hiding my age, so much so that no one believes me when I tell them the truth. So how old am I? Well, I just celebrated my 152nd birthday.

The game started when I turned 26. I had the baker write Happy Anniversary instead of Happy Birthday, put a large candle in the shape of the numerals ’25’ and celebrated the anniversary of my 25th birthday. That party started a tradition of celebrating the anniversary of whatever year I wanted to celebrate — until this year.

I’m quite serious when I tell people I’m going to live well into my 100’s. My mom had me at 40; my dad was 52. My aunts and uncles on both sides died well into their 70’s, some lingering on into their 90’s even though they all ate horrifically rich foods, drank heavily, smoked, and were stressed into heart disease and ulcers. I’ve had none of that. I’ve always eaten healthily, almost never drink, can’t even handle the smell of tobacco and have zero stress in my life. If I can avoid accents I’ve got the nature and nurture to live to be at least 150 — and, with medical science progressing as it has, I truly believe that I will.

So from this year I decided to celebrate my future birthdays, perhaps those I might not have and so I had the baker put this on my cake and had a couple of fantastic birthday parties this year. (Why limit yourself to one?)

So here is to me this year and for many, many, many, many years after.

I walked into the classroom to find this "portrait" of me on the white board.Not bad for. . .

, I walked into the classroom to find this “portrait” of me on the white board.Not bad for. . . Wait. How old am I really?

18 Comments on “Come say Happy Birthday!

  1. Okay so I’m over a month late, but Happy 152nd Birthday! Hope you’re okay as see you haven’t been blogging lately


  2. Unsure how/why I missed this post. Was simply circling back to see if you’d shared any words of wisdom or creative images, as I hadn’t ‘seen’ you in a while. Belated birthday greetings, grasshopper.


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL CREATURE ! – regardless of your refusal to reveal your true age …
    Many big fat hugs and loud smacking smoocheroonies from your oldest fan, OK?
    I trust you will do something totally vile in celebration, tonight.

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    • Hey, thank you.

      My actual b-day was last Monday. (whew) I had four parties over as many days. πŸ™‚ Two at my home and two out. I did all the cooking, so it took a while.

      Some friends and I geeked out and binge watched a new anime called Terror in Resonance yesterday and the day before. If you’re ever interested in exploring a new art form, anime is worth your time. (I’m not all that in to it but I’ve found several I really like.)

      As for my age, I told you my real age before.


  4. This was cool, old timer! πŸ˜€ Happy birthday – give or take. I hope you do live a long and healthy life. I think you should know, though, ulcers are not caused by stress – H. Pylori does. My youngest contracted H. Pylori and also suffered from ‘ulcers’ from the overuse of ibuprofen. This daughter has never experienced stress in her life.

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    • Wow, I did not know that.

      My dads side must have all caught it together because they were all a bloody mess. They had all kinds of stomach upsets and heartburn. Tums and Rollaids were after dinner mints in our home. πŸ˜‰

      And thanks, Jackie.

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