A little drama from comedy

I have been learning exponentially. I can’t explain it, but I’ve hit a new groove which has given me confidence behind the camera.



These photos will not appear on WordPress as they appear to me because WordPress flattens out the color space from the larger ProPhoto I use on my computer to sRGB. It’s heartbreaking because the colors as they should appear are richer and more weighted. So, I invite you to check out my Flicker page to see these, and other, as I intended them to be seen.

Japanese princess


ninja attack


Japanese sword


ninja fight


ninja sneak attack


attendants to the princess



experiments with color






So as you see, I’ve been learning loads. I’m actively studying composition and creating experiments so that I can better understand color. Your feedback really does help me learn. Tell me what you think.






10 Comments on “A little drama from comedy

  1. Captivating photography! First, the header or the background picture – not sure what’s the term – magical roof tops! Takes me straight into the world of legends! The photos of the performance are beautiful! Bright with life, not artificial light, if it makes sense. My favorite of all is the detail of the sword – mesmerizing. I might actually have a tiny fix on swords, to think of it. Please keep on learning and sharing!

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    • Thank you much.

      Swords are cool. You ever hear of kendo? It’s sword fighting where the swords are replaced by large bamboo sticks. It hurst when you get whopped but boy does it feel good to do the whomping. 😉

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