Bloganuary: Road Trips

What is a Road Trip You Would Like to Take?

‘Road Trip’ has a distinctly American vibe to it, or is that just me?

I picture open stretches of unpopulated country, a large car, and a family passing through it. I don’t see a Portuguese family in an SUV driving from Lisboa to Milan, or a Chinese family driving from Xian to Beijing. I can picture Chevy Chase in a station wagon going across Europe though (a reference to an old movie).

Living in Japan for as long as I have — I can no longer drive, and trust me, you don’t want me to — traveling by train feels right and, outside Japan, feels like nostalgia which might be why I’ve long wanted to take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Dalian (China), through Mongolia to Moscow (Russia) with a stop over in Kazakistan. Depending on how you pace yourself, the trip usually takes between seven and fourteen days, or up to a fortnight for you Commonwealth folk.

The various routes you can take on the Trans-Siberian Network.
Siberian Railroad -- not my image
Wide open spaces for most of the journey.
Inside a train car on the trans-siberian railroad -- not my image
Classic furnishings, not a modern interpretation of the past.

I’d like to know what that phrase “Road Trip” means to you, dear reader. Does if feel archaic? What kind of spaces do you imagine passing through and with mode of transportation?


(Note: I did not take either of these two photos.)


10 thoughts on “Bloganuary: Road Trips”

        1. Ah, so we are. Your About Page says you’re in Thailand now, so we’re two American abroad. 😁

          I’ve been to Thailand four or five time, starting in the early 90’s. The food is always a boon — and my gawd, how Bangkok has changed from way back when.

          You know, there’s a bit of a ‘boom’ on Thai food in Japan, atm. 10 times the price and no where near as spicy, but delicious.

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          1. Really? How interesting. I would have never guessed, but there’s been a stronger connection lately between the two countries with visa waivers, etc.

            I would love to go one day. You’re lucky to live there. I’m so jealous 🙂

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  1. That looks like a fabulous way to “road trip”. You’re right about road trips being quintessentially American (and Canadian) 😄. Though they do happen in Europe too. Mostly Italy and France that I’m aware of. My dream is an Italian road trip. I wrote about it today. I’ll take your train trip too.

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