Bloganuary: Toys

What was your favorite toy as a child?

I don’t remember.

I grew up dirt poor, so (library) books and later TV were how I entertained myself.

I do recall my father coming home one Christmas. He, that is we, had no money but there was pressure to produce “toys” for “the boy”. He came home and tossed a hastily wrapped box on the floor opposite the tree.

I knew he was ashamed.

On cue, I tore into the wrapping with as much excitement and gratitude as I could to make him feel good. I only recall a jump rope in that box, the kind from a dollar store, and I doubt I ever used it. What I do remember is even at a young age I understood consideration.

Perhaps a better question would be: What’s my favorite quality that I gained from toys? To that, gratitude and consideration.

Not too long ago, a piece of fruit was a treat and a toy, a rare gift to treasure.

(The photo above is of an maneki neko, a cat that welcomes people or fortune. It is the size of my pinky nail. Toy or decoration, look closely and appreciate it.)

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10 thoughts on “Bloganuary: Toys”

  1. I understand where you are coming from as many children here don’t have toys especially in the villages…a common comment I hear is you can’t eat toys…However, there is no shortage of smiles and there is usually a ball that can be kicked about and trees to climb plus lizards to hunt (for) dinner…Who is better off? The child with absolutely everything or the child who appears to have nothing but who appreciates what he has and smiles far more…?

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    1. I agree with you. Where are thee villages you’re writing about?

      I’ve traveled all through Asia and have met kids with similar dispositions. Cambodia in the 90’s come to mind (it’s the only time I’ve ever seen real starvation). Imagination and curiosity were for them, today’s iPhone.


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