Bloganuary: Laughter

What makes you laugh?

This is a tough question because I always laugh. Not one hour ago I slipped and fell on the ice at the station — Thud! 6’4″ me on my back in the snow — and I laughed. Loudly. The passing Japanese people just glanced and walked on. But what’s a man to do? Falling is a silly thing to be embarrassed about. I could imagine what I looked like, so laughing was natural. Funny how everyone walking by looked so serious.

I can choose to enjoy most anything. This is to say that laughter is a choice, at least for me:

As I’m moving through life with my mind super focused on the task at hand and I make a mistake, I can feel the choice: get angry, don’t react, laugh. I laugh (most times).

So I have to approach this question in a different way, as what makes me laugh is my disposition: My reactions are a choice and I (mostly) choose to be stress free and at ease.

An actor in Kyushu.We all play a part. Know the character you’re playing. πŸ˜‰

Tell me in the comments, do you think you have control over your emotions or do you think your emotions have their own mind? I’m genuinely curious how other people deal with bad situations.



19 thoughts on “Bloganuary: Laughter”

  1. I think as humans fraught with a myriad of emotions that complete the full spectrum from negative to positive we must try to manage our emotions. I’m not sure if control is the right word, but yes we can learn to manage those heavy negative emotions with practice, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. It definitely helps us build better relationships and succeed in life. There are studies that prove that high EI enables greater success in several facets of life. Very interesting post CT!

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    1. Thanks, Alegria.

      Manage vs control, two approaches. I don’t know which (if either) best describes me.

      Writing and discussion are how I figure out what I think I know about a topic, so thank you for this.

      I feel a partnership with my emotional drivers, so I’ll have to re-work this metaphor. πŸš•

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      1. Perhaps think about it this way, control is about non-acceptance, we know things are or could go awry and we try to control that. Seldom is that approach sustainable in the long term. Manage speaks to the fact that you’ve accepted the situation and are using tools and resources to handle it. It takes and develops skill and expertise. And therefore is sustainable with continuing improvements. That’s how I look at the difference. Let me know what you think.

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        1. I’ve been chewing over your idea over the past few days. I like it. I think your distinction between control and managing works both metaphorically and in practice. I’ve since been looking for a single word to describe that sense of “letting go” and neither managing nor controlling.

          That one doesn’t come to mind easily means my English really is deteriorating or maybe says something about my generation. 😁

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          1. Haha I’m sure it’s neither. Your generation is just fine and your English seems just fine to me. It can also be learned, so no sweat.
            Great concept, the sense of letting go. It evokes a great sense of freedom and release. The word that comes to mind for me is, emancipation.


  2. Most of the time we have control. But like all things under pressure, sometimes we need to release control in little spurts .. like you laughing when you fall or me laughing at my mother’s funeral. .
    btw I love your photos! I will be exploring your blog & channel

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    1. Oh, thanks for comment about my photos, I really appreciate it. Like blogging, I’m still learning. 😁

      I like the metaphor of a pressure cooker. For me, I’m super chill, tho. I’m originally from LA and I am the truth in that old cliche, just not a stoned one.


    1. That’s interesting. You ever see the Disney/Pixar movie ‘Inside Out’? When I think of the emotions being in control, that’s what I imagine. I kinda hope ‘The Dude’ (The Big Lebowski) is in control. 😁


        1. It absolutely is.

          I read about a trend on tic-tok where young people are (mis) diagnosing themselves with multiple personality disorder. I think they’re confused with those various voices in our heads being individual peoples rather than competing thoughts.


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