Bloganuary: Life Lessons

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

Saturday just ended. Yesterday, I got up at 5am to work on a video for YouTube; had to go to work; talked my friend out of a bad mood; and just finished shooting and laying in the video track for that YouTube video. It’s just past midnight and I’m here at WordPress because I said I would participate in ‘Bloganuary’ for a month. Life Lesson:

Keep your word.

When you say you’re going to do something, you do it. When you make a promise, you honor it. When you have an obligation, you fulfil it. And neither whine nor grimace about it.

Curry Pan. I’m still learning how to take decent food pics, but this is really delicious.

Doing what you believe is right can be hard when you feel like you’re going it alone. Regarding your life lesson, what is it and are you able to abide by it?


19 thoughts on “Bloganuary: Life Lessons”

    1. Yes, ma’am! Made By You and I. I’ll be releasing that video I was working on all day yesterday (and today) this evening. (I’m waiting for the encode to finish.) I hope you check it out. It’ll be on “Sweet and Sour Tofu ‘meatless’ Balls”. 😁

      My subscribers/viewers say my videos have a unique feeling to them. If you do watch, tell me what you think.


          1. I did check out your YouTube channel. I was wondering what the triangular things were until I realized it’s the same meatballs molded into different shapes. Looked delicious!


    1. If you like curry, what you do is make a thick one and get it good and cold so it’s relatively solid (or at least very thick). Put that in bread dough, bread it, fry it — they are amazing.

      Japanese curry doesn’t have all the spices used in Indian curry, it’s sweeter, too. Whichever curry you like, I’ll bet you’d like it deep fried in pockets of crunchy, chewy goodness. 😁

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  1. Excellent attitude. And I agree with that on many levels with the exception of things like Bloganuary. We do too have to be mindful about where we put our time and energy. If something isn’t working well for you it’s wise to know when to quit. It very much depends of course on what that is. I do respect your sense of integrity. Giving your word and sticking by it is much needed and a great lesson for all.

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  2. Okay that looks reallly amazing! I would say you did a great job in capturing that photo!
    As you can see in my response to the prompt, I don’t really have a one size fits all situations life lesson! But your answer is a good one!

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