Bloganuary: Superpowers

What is a superpower you’d love to have?

THIS is the first question in Bloganuary that I’m excited about: I love superhero movies, TV shows, (and though I rarely read them anymore — too busy) comic books. I will tell you at the outset that I have thought about this countless times — and what is it they say, “know thyself”? — if I had a super power I would be a top tier Super Villain.

My power would be Speed, a la Barry or Bart Allen (the Flash) but with Eobard’s sensibilies and cunning.

Eobard Thawn and Barry Allen.

North Korea bothering you? Enter Flashtime (speed so fast time stops) and take out the whole of their army with a sword. Evil CEO got you down? A vibrating hand through the chest will stop that. Say goodbye to Twitter, Facebook, and Google, because I’d run straight through their entire network (and then their creators as well). My version of Flash would only run at top speed so as to be invisible and I would cast myself as the Hand of God come to Earth to pass judgment.

Splat! Splat! Splat! Go most leaders of the governments of the world.

Innocent until proven guilty? Not if I had Speed.

The Flash can also run so fast that he can run through time, so I’d run back in time to the same time and take out multiple targets at the exact same time across the planet.

Barry Allen might be the avatar of Love but I’d be the avatar of Wrath.

Death for a Speedster– I would totally take out Barry Allen if I had speed.

Those of you who have been following my posts in Bloganuary might be surprised. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense — give me Speed, please!

Comic books (and the whole genre of film and TV) are modern myths, our time’s Zeus and Hera, if you will. What are your favorite myths or super hero’s/villains? Tell me in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Bloganuary: Superpowers”

  1. Okay, this is amazing!
    I love comic movies too!!!
    Marvel more than DC
    Iron Man was my long time favourite, cause who can’t love a self made hero?
    And now its my slightly evil, but hella powerful Wanda! (I obviously had to include her in my post)
    What are yours?

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    1. For me, comic books will always be DC. I love their dark tone, which is why Zac Snyder and Tim Burton were perfect fits for me. And as a comic book tale, Injustice is one of the best as is the Court of Owls storyline (from Batman).

      Marvel comics are, for me, meh BUT their movies have been fantastic, the Disneyfication… I loved Wanda, and I really like the TV/Movies we’ve gotten but the show runner said she didn’t read ANY of the comics — and that’s a problem: The wider they expand the Marvel universe, the less the writers (seem to) know about the characters they’re writing about. A version of this is what caused Marvel comics to go bankrupt in the first place:

      The “creative” choices the then Marvel management made were good in the short run but ultimately caused Marvel to go bankrupt and sell their characters. We will see… That they’ve already had to re-shoot Dr. Strange 2 and the new Ms. Marvel and The Marvels is NOT a good sign.

      So with that background in mind, my favorite Marvel characters are Thor, Wanda, Strange, Loki, Rocket Racoon, Gamora (pre snap), and Nebula. Missing are villains, which DC gets right. IMO the only interesting villain we’ve gotten with Marvel is Kang. (Though I did like Thanos, we never really know anything about him — in the comics he’s a Deviant, the opposite of an Eternal so I don’t know what the Disney Marvel writers were thinking, and they made his Thor’s brother Eros an Eternal? And Eternals are now robots? I was speechless, and not in a good way. I have no idea where they’re going).

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      1. I have never read any of the comics. Be it Marvel or DC. Where I live, they aren’t exactly that common!
        Oo, did you watch the Zack Synder Justice League? I’m still yet to watch it. (4h!!!) I did kinda enjoy some parts of the original justice league, but it did feel like they were trying so hard to be like Marvel’s Avengers.. kinda rip off!!

        Like I said not read the comics, so MCU has been EPIC, including the TV shows!
        Oh that is sad, but I’m sure most executive/ major diversion from comics will be passed by the Russo’s and Feige. I don’t think any of these current projects can go on without their approval!

        Wait they had to reshoot the movies??

        Okay those are really good characters! My top five or seven xD has to be Iron Man, Wanda, Dr.Strange, Thor, Nat, Bucky (during tfaws) and Ragnarok Loki.
        I think some of the villains did have a lot of potential like Hela (she was awesome, for real), Ego (I’m partial to him but still makes the list), Thanos (He was a more cruel? version of Ultron) and I really did like Agatha- like common. She was really good. And the tune- it’s so catchy! “It was Agatha all along!”

        I haven’t watched Eternals yet so I think you mayyy have slightly spoiled things!
        But to reply to you.. honestly.. for me that doesn’t seem like a big thing. Once you see Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, you pretty much learn to roll with anything!!! I get it’s MCU canon, but oh does it deserve to be IN MCU! Have you watched it??

        (I feel like my comment became too long lol, yikes!)


        1. I loved MOST of Agent’s of Shield. I love the first few seasons with (what was his name, the guy who was a double agent as eventually became Hydra) that dude. And all the Inhuman and Darkhold, AI stuff. That very last season tho….I appreciate the effort. lol

          I assumed you were all caught up! You can download a torrent of Eternals from YTS dot PM

          You can also download all the comments through torrents. Just saying… 🙂

          Yeah, I forgot about Hella. She WAS amazing (so was Kilmonger, especially after seeing his potential in What If) but they kill the good ones off!

          Reshoots? Oh, yeah. They’ve had three reshoots for Ms. Marvel and The Marvels. Three each. Not a good sign. (When you see Eternals, you’ll understand — I came so close, so many times from just walking out of the theater).

          I assume you’ve seen the new MoonKnight trailer?

          And Spiderman?

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          1. It’s Ward. Yeah.. those were some pretty crazy seasons. I actually had put off watching the last season cause I didn’t want it to get over.. I finished it today actually! And I liked it.. I think I am also sad that I’ll never get to see these characters again..!

            I actually waited for it to come to Disney+ and it came on last week. Just haven’t gotten time to watch it!

            Oh yess! Killmonger in What IF was OmG!
            Yeah they actually did. The fight with Thanos would have been even more interesting with these villains trying to redeem themselves! Or just that they didn’t want half the population to die, cause how else would they able to rule properly! And so they banded for one time(Like the Suicide Squad). Okay the more I speak about this, the more I think this can totally be a What IF episode!!!

            Oh my. Wow. That is not a good sign!
            Okayy.. I’ll let you know once I am done!!

            Yess I did. Seems super cool!!!

            NWH- what a beautiful beautiful beautiful movie! The culmination of almost two decades. Just beautiful!!!!


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