Bloganuary: Let’s Do the Timewarp!

I warned you in the superpower post that I am a super villain at heart. If our world has the technology to send me back in time, then I’m going locked and loaded with laser weapons, a force shield, a universal (language) translator, projection mapping technology (and toilet paper): Send me to Ancient Rome because I aim to be worshiped as a Pagan God!

I’m already taller and fairer than most people. In Ancient Rome, as I tower over the little people, with some zipity-zaps from whatever doodads I have on hand, I will have the their compliance — and an audience with the Emperor Caligula. If the Emperor doesn’t agree to my requests, zippity-zap-zap zap.

My requests:

I want to experience an extravagant Roman feast. True excess!

I want to see the brutality in the Coliseum.

I want to be bathed in the Roman bathes (so I’m bringing Penicillin).

And I want him to hire a battalion to tour me round the Ancient Wonders of the World and pick a fight or two.

If you’re going to dream, dream big. Tell me something about excess in the comments!


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