Bloganuary: Solitude Standing

Where do you go when you need solitude?

I don’t need solitude. I need stimulation!

You might think in one of the world’s most crowded and busiest cities I’d be screaming for solitude and quiet but, no. My mind is naturally quiet and people rarely impose on me.

Stimulation, that I could use.

Solitude Standing by Suzan Vega — great lyrics!

Where do I go when I need stimulation? Well, going out with a camera in hand gives me an excuse to talk to (literally) anyone. From “could you take my picture” or “I love what you’re wearing, can I?” to “I’m looking fox X…”. It’s easy to meet people. Sometimes it can be tough to engage people in conversation but people are generally amicable wherever I go.

For mental stimulation I like learning. I have tons of recordings from The Great Course Plus (formerly The Teaching Company), my Kindle and Kobo, and access to museums and exhibits all across the city.

How about you, Solitude or Stimulation, which would do you better?


11 thoughts on “Bloganuary: Solitude Standing”

  1. I love Suzanne Vega! I prefer solitude, particularly while being in nature and listening to music. My favorite time for solitude is sipping coffee early in the morning in my kitchen and either listening to the news or feeding my cat and doing a word puzzle.


  2. I prefer solitude, but there are times I need stimulation. I love learning, museums are my favorite, and type of museum is interesting me. I think because of the correlation with learning.

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    1. I like museums, too, especially art museums. I think of them like a puzzle: I take all the information and work out what the artist wants to say, what the curator is doing, and what I see. ❀️

      Are there a lot of musuems out where you live?

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      1. I live near a major metroplex, Dallas-Fort Worth. There are a lot of museums, but no art museums, but lots of art galleries’ of art for sale. We have mostly historical museums. And each small town has a museum.

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