Bloganuary: The Final!

How do you feel when you look at the stars?

I live in Tokyo. I don’t see many celebrities. When I lived in Hollywood, however…

This challenge has finally ended. I really enjoyed the beginning but some prompts? Still, I’m glad I did it because I met some really nice people, finding blogs, and the people attached to those blogs, that wouldn’t have come onto my radar otherwise.

Bloganuary was a chance for me to learn how to use WordPress to build up my YouTube Channel, which is food based. The next posts you see from me will be about food and cooking — and I do hope to meet you all again. ☺️

Miso Butter Pasta — with hand made pasta.

Here is a still with a link to my latest video: Miso Butter Pasta, which is an American dish, not Japanese — and it’s really good. My next post will be on this. In the meantime, please click on the photo or link to take a look at the video.

Have a great February, everyone!

Tell me in the comments one thing you liked about taking part in Bloganuary. πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Bloganuary: The Final!”

  1. The pasta dish looks very good. The video I enjoy. I like the pace, I can cook at the same pace of the video. It is not so fast, the watcher has to rewind to scribble the recipe. plus the recipe is below. Thank you sooo much. Enjoyed sharing the experience of bloganaury challenge with you. Looking forward to more cooking, sounds more fun.

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  2. This was my first WordPress challenge and I appreciated the opportunity to read other blogs, converse with so many other bloggers, writers, artists and photographers. Some of the topics were not my cup of tea but I viewed them in the light of fun and the fact that it encouraged us all to do a post a day; something that not everyone may do. I certainly don’t. If nothing else, we got into a habit of (almost) daily blogging or commenting on others’ posts and hopefully it will continue into February and beyond.

    Thank you for sharing your posts, too.


  3. I loved having the opportunity to read people’s points of view on the blog prompts and also meeting new people. I’m looking forward to seeing your food blogs as your photos look unreal πŸ˜‹

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