Naoshima, light on a rainy day

How to talk about something which is an individual impression and which is forbidden to photograph or draw? Naoshima Chichibu Art Museum. The rains were heaviest when I arrived on the island peaking with several squalls sending rain down the long winding roads as a rivers into the sea. No traffic moved until the intensity lessened to a hard rain. With a dozen others, I waited in the ferry terminal (link to pictures) till about ten a.m. after which we piled into a tiny shuttle bus and were motored twenty minutes up and through… Read More

See through me

My last evening in Okayama ended with a huge fireworks display. The next morning I woke at 5:00 a.m. to catch the earliest train to the pier for a ferry ride over to Naoshima. What you’ll need to remember for length of the series is that I had three pairs of short pants for a one-month trip: One bright white linen pair (from last years trip to Spain), black workout shorts, and plaid Abercrombie; I packed three tank tops and matching overs shirts; and I only had the crocs on my feet…. Read More

Cellphoneography: Kyushu is the best

My visual diary of Tanegashima.

Cellphoneograhy: Pride and Peer Pressure

This is called a hook. If I showed you my feet you wouldn't have clicked, would you? This is also a Japanese snow cone.

I am a man. I rarely ask for directions, I nod assent even when I don’t fully understand, and I endeavor to not show pain. (Imagine Hulk pose.) I went hiking today in the wettest part of Japan in shoes one size too small, without proper gear. How did that happen? See one and two above. Pain? The hike up was HARD. Eventually it rained and I was soaked to the skin, which made the rocks slippery on the way DOWN. My toes jammed into the front of the shoes and practically… Read More

Cellphoneography: Typhoon hits, and misses

I have yet to see one day of sunshine this trip. I left late on Friday. As I walked to my hotel in Okayama drizzle fell which built up in intensity (as typhoons approached but never made landfall) culminating in a new kind of weather event in Japan. There is no translation. They are bands of heavy rain which dump inches in minutes causing mudslides and flash floods. That was Thursday and it was surreal. I was touring a castle in Nagasaki-ken when a city wide siren announced it was coming. Within… Read More

Cellphoneography: Working On Peace

One typhoon averted, another approaches. Since WWII the Japanese have shunned all things marshal, yet policies have been set in motion to reintroduce the military back to several generations who do not know what it means. Welcome to Nagasaki Peace Park. In two days Hiroshima will commemorate the first atomic bomb blast. Shortly after Nagasaki will honor the anniversary of the last atomic bomb blast. Preparations are under way — a huge dome is being erected and to either side of  the monument to peace, the workers are setting up two abstract… Read More

Cellphoneography: Okayama

Greetings from my iPhone! In the spirit of breaking out from routine I thought I’d share the apple with you, so to speak. Behold Okayama! (I have no idea how these will appear on your computers. Let me know.) I decided to go past Kyoto to spend some time on some islands in the Seto Sea. I alighted in Okayama when, by chance, they were gearing up for their big festival and fireworks celebration, the Momotaro Matsuri and Hanabi Taikai. (You’ll have to Google Momotaro for the full details on what this… Read More